Who We Serve:

Inner City Action Inc community outreach is driven by God’s love for the least, last & lost in our community.  Our resource services focuses on meeting the physical & spiritual needs of our “underserved” community – homeless, low income, trafficked, substance abusers, families etc. We recognize a great need within our city-to bring hope and restoration within our struggling community. Our services are mobile hunger relief, human trafficking education, job skills training, life skills, basic education, bible studies, and more.




Inner City Action Inc is a non-profit, faith-based driven organization in Stockton, Ca.  Inner City Action Inc is comprised of volunteers in our community who are passionate about making a lasting change in individual lives.


We have built trusting relationships with our “underserved” community and strive to bring life back to them by providing resources that meet there immediate needs, workshops to show & teach them how to regain their lives, and an opportunity to volunteer and gain valuable skills to re-enter community.


Our Inner City Dream Center facility is where we serve, heal & equip others to become socially responsible citizens.  We do this through feeding the hungry at Under the Bridge Outreach, sober living housing, job skills training, life skills, counseling, basic education, Bible studies and more.  We aim to meet people where they are at, bringing them hope and resource to get off the streets.


Because Inner City Action Inc programs include both resource services and service learning, it has attracted community members & Christian leaders from all over to network with us for Success!  As they volunteer with us, we are able to impact lives and gain valuable insight into the true needs of our City.